Building a Superstar's Site


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  • See the online companion to Appendix A: Upgrading a Site from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 for corrections and clarifications to that Appendix.

    This extended serialized chapter will chronicle the continuing build of the site which received a basic upgrade in Appendix A. The site is (not upgraded yet!).


    Designer and usability tester Evelyn Wilder wrote that if she had one question to ask a site owner it would be "How do you want people to describe your site?"


    Quite early in the visualization process you can begin a Navigation document. [Ex:]

    It's possible to represent the structure as an outline using an unordered list.

    there must not be too many sections. Talk with the site initiator about grouping things in subsections. Some things like the blog don’t need a section if we are going to turn the page into a genuine blog. The idea is to derive a site structure from this document. Remember that sections do not necessarily represent a logical structure but are also used to emphasize certain elements.