Stéphane Corlosquet

  • Stéphane holds a master's degree specializing in Semantic Web from the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI), Ireland. He currently works at the Mass General Institute for Neurodegenerative Disease (MIND), MGH, as a Software Engineer to work on the Science Collaboration Framework, a Drupal-based distribution to build online communities of researchers in biomedecine.

    Stéphane has contributed to Drupal 6 and is one of the top 30 contributors to Drupal 7 core. He maintains the RDF module in Drupal 7, and is a member of the Drupal Security Team. Since joining the community in 2005, he has been a speaker at many DrupalCons and DrupalCamps, mostly on the topic of RDF and Drupal. He co-authored the ISWC 2009 "Best Semantic Web In Use Paper" titled Produce and Consume Linked Data with Drupal!.

    Stéphane lives in the Boston area with his beloved wife Diliny, new-born son Kiran, and hyper-active dog Maya.

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